Please respect the Club rules - Day Keys are available for $30.00 per rider per day ** from:

Weekdays – (Monday to Friday) The Vet Centre next door to Repco (excluding Public Holidays)
Weekends and most Public Holidays – Repco, Ashworth Street, Tokoroa

Please note: The key must be returned before the close of business on the day of hire.

Cash only please NO EFTPOS!!

REMEMBER: ALWAYS check the info line on 08 322 9400 before travelling to avoid disappointment and please observe the track rules for your safety and the safety of others.Please DO NOT phone the Veterinary Centre or Repco for track updates

**If you are a current SWMCC Club member and you show your current membership card when hiring a key you will only pay $25.00 for the hire. If you are accompanied by a non-member they are still required to pay $30.00 per rider.

Lost or non-returned keys will be charged to the last key hire at a fee of $100.00

Annual Key Hire is available for 2019 - 2020 Paid up Club Members only!

The annual key hire will coincide with the Club Membership which dates from April 1st each year to March 31st the following year.  Changes to our existing Club membership form have been made to accommodate an area regarding annual key hire.

Annual keys will cost $200.00 each. This equates to using the track around 7 times over a 12 month period outside of the competition rounds.

Please note: Club rules must be followed at all times by the key holder. The key holder is allowed ONE NON-RIDING guest to accompany them into the facility. This is for safety reasons in the event of an accident there is someone that can raise the alarm. Should the key holder not follow the club rules or allow other riders access to the track without those riders paying, that key holder risks losing their right to the key, the key may be withdrawn without refund and the key holder details will be forwarded to the Club committee and officials as being banned from holding an annual key again. Annual Keys are only available to current and paid up club members. 

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