Hi all,

It has been brought to my attention that our tracks are being abused by some riders using them. To elaborate on this, our old Super-cross track is now a Mini track. This subject has been brought up in the past and it appears we need to detail a reminder. With this track now being a mini track only, this means no bikes over the 65cc rating are permitted on this track. Exceptions may be made for four stroke engines such as 70 or 80cc machines and possibly 110cc machines but this is at the discretion of an attending committee member who is at the time at the track. No one can say they are not aware this track is a mini track, there is a sign you ride past on the gate entering the track stating mini track only no big bikes.

In addition to this it has also been noticed that some individuals are hiring a key and allowing non paying riders into the facility either by leaving the gate unlocked and open for anyone to access or by taking other non paying riders in along with them. Today was a prime example, 3 fees were paid ($90.00) and 8 bikes were seen riding the track. This means 5 bikes ($150.00) were riding for free.

Our club leases the land to have a track, we pay for our own buildings, upkeep and machinery to ensure the facility is available for you all, the riders and supporters. If people continue to cheat the system then maybe one day this facility wont be a place to ride anymore? Nothing at these tracks comes for free apart from the volunteers time to maintain and run the facility. Like most clubs in the country, ours is not privately owned and no one in our club is getting rich off what we offer, its a costly business to run a track, ask any club out there. We would appreciate that if you wish to use the facility, you pay for the right.

Thanks and regards,
SWMCC Committee

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