Mini Track Nearly Ready to Rock n Roll

With Supercross on the decline if not dead and buried here in New Zealand we decided to maximize the use of our facility and turn the once popular SX track into a new Mini’s track. Its the perfect facility for kids to ride and grow with vantage points all around the circuit for parents to watch over their kids as they get to grips with MX riding and racing.

Our goal was to have an independent race track for kids starting from aged 4 and we are well on the way to achieving this. We hope to get events running on the track which will consist of several classes including small bore 4 strokes  ie: CRF50’s and TTR50’s and 70’s possibly up to 125cc four strokes depending on the rider age, plus PW50 and QR50 riders, then slightly larger bikes but still small bore 2 strokes, ie: KTM 50’s, KTM and Kawasaki 65’s and again dependent on age, small wheel 85’s.

Final decisions are near completion on race groups, ages, cc ratings (dependant on age and experience) by the Mini’s race committee and events are programmed to begin at Round One (May 4th 2014) of our Winter Series.

We will always be needing some help to organize and run the mini events so if there are any mini parents out there who would like get involved please get in contact with the committee. It s a huge task to organize a club day involving 2 tracks so the more volunteers can get on board to help with the mini’s, the better.

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